What ages are the Wild kits suitable for?

The kits are suitable for anyone 8-80years! As long as they have responsible adult supervision when learning to use their kits.

Why do you have to check my ID?

Everyone that buys a knife in the UK has to have their age verified. We require ID in the form of a legible scan or photograph of a valid Photo Drivers licence or Passport, that matches the payment method.

Do I need Safety equipment?

We would always recommend that if you have never used a knife then a cut resistant safety glove will helps prevent accidental cuts, however once you have practised the knife handling correct techniques this should become less essential.

My Firesteel wont create sparks?

The Firesteel has a black coating which should be scraped off. Once removed try using different edges of the scraper until you find the one that works for you.

Are Firesteels Dangerous?

When using Firesteels please be aware that they send out showers of very hot Sparks. They should only be used outside and away from anything that you don’t want to catch fire. Wearing safety glasses will help prevent possible injuries.

I can’t get my Tinder to light?

Please ensure that your tinder is dry and is as small as possible, you really need tiny shavings to make it catch light. Do look on You Tube at the many tips and techniques to getting your tinder to light.

Can I can replacement parts for my Kit?

Yes, simply email info@wildkidscompany.com and we will do our best to supply you with any additional parts you need.

Why are there real Insects in my Kit?

The natural lichen and wood products have been scavenged from the woodland floor. Whilst every attempt has been made to remove any little critters, if you are lucky enough to find one, please carefully pop them outside.

Where is the Country of origin for the Kit contents?

The items have mainly been sourced from suppliers in the UK who, in turn, source their goods from multiple countries including India, China, Finland, Sweden and elsewhere in the UK.


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