Today is International Day of Forests -
Forests are nature’s best solution for removing carbon from the atmosphere, but they are at grave risk. In 2012 the UN declared the 21st of March the International Day of Forests to raise awareness and highlight the importance of all types of forests. The theme for this year is Forest Restoration: a path to recovery and wellbeing.

Trees make our life on earth possible and contribute to our mental and physical wellbeing so it’s only right we celebrate them. 
Forests play a key role in our lives that we don’t even recognise.
More than the occasional apple or orange that we pluck from a tree, forests are veritable food markets. Almost 50 percent of the fruit we eat comes from trees, not to mention the nuts and spices that we also get from these food baskets.
Trees are stress relievers. Nature-based tourism is growing three times faster than the tourism industry as a whole and now accounts for approximately 20 percent of the global market. Studies even link green spaces and tree cover in cities to reduced levels of obesity and crime. As one example, the obesity rate of children living in areas with good access to green spaces is lower than in those who have limited or no access at all.

Forests have been our quiet helpers. They have been secretly playing a bigger role in our day-to-day lives than we realize. We cannot lead the healthy, productive lives that we would otherwise without them and we cannot hope to have a world without enlisting their help, the help of the governments, agencies and bodies that protect them and your help in respecting them.

With our Wild Kid’s Bushcrafter kit you can celebrate our wonderful Forests in the UK. Learn how to build shelters, carve tools, navigate through woodland, observe and identify insects and unusual leaves, mosses and vegetation plus succeed with tinder and learn what knot is for what!

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