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Our Wild Adventure Kits are designed to encourage older kids, teens and their grown ups to switch off the wifi and find a better connection outdoors. Tools not toys, they are packed full of adventures and make great gifts. Functional, fun and made to last a lifetime!

Learn the art of firelighting. Contains a handcrafted firesteel with range of natural tinders and more. Amaze others and feed them Smores.

A great Starter Kit for all ages, to help find your way in the Natural World!

6 Adventures in a Pocket sized tin. Fire, Knots, Shelter and more. Packed full of handy gear that you’ll love to use.

Compass, Torch, Explorer Tin and a set of Adventures to inspire the naturally curious.

Become a Den Master, make Shelters, tie Knots, build Fires, live on the wild side!

Great Binoculars and an adventure kit worth searching out. See more Green and less Screen!

Read More Books  - Inspirational, Imaginative, Instructional - Adventures to suit all Wild Kids young and old.

Adventure skills to discover


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