Bush Tin

Den Adventure Kit - Black
Den Adventure Kit - Black
Den Adventure Kit - Black
Firecraft Adventure Kit
Den Adventure Kit - Black

Looking for Adventure in a pocket sized kit?  Here is the perfect excuse to get off the computer, get outside and do something different that's fun, useful and incredibly cool for all the family to do. Accompanied by a set of our fabulous Adventure cards that will guide you through how to make the most of your Bush Tin.



The Bush Tin contains some essential gear to help you start fires, build shelters, make camps, tie knots and be able to tell which way is north just from looking at trees.

Lean how to light a fire without matches and jump head first into a world of tinder and toasted marshmallows. Once you've got the hang of the firesteel, you can use the fresnel lens to harness the power of the sun and make flames fly... better wait for a sunny day.

The kit also contains a good quality emergency whistle, a generous length of paracord, and a pack of our legendary adventure cards to Unleash the Wild Inside!


Includes 7 adventure skills to discover

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