Discover the art of making fire in the wild, learn to set mushrooms alight, burn char cloth and be amazed at what fatwood can do! Contains a large fire steel with a lovely hand turned wooden handle, pocket bellows and a Firecraft Kit.

This Firecraft Adventure Kit contains 6 challenges and skills to immerse you into the wonder of natural fire.

Give the ultimate outdoor adventure gift for kids (and grown ups)

A nod to the original ‘tinder tin’ and a gift that will be passed down the generations.

Unleash the wild inside!



Have you ever seen those survival programmes where people are sent to an island to survive with nothing more than handful of provisions? The first challenge they are always set is to build fire.

With fire you can cook, stay warm, fend of dangerous animals, boil water and keep your spirits high! So wouldn’t it be cool to be able to be the one that could bring fire to the party?!

Our firesteel is handmade using wood sustainably foraged from local forests. It has an extra long handle  for better grip, and  will create showers of hot sparks when scraped with the striker which has a ruler and a bottle opener on it.

Accompanied by our Wild Kids info cards to help you master the art of firecraft and various different outdoor skills!

Please note this kit is for outdoor use only and the ferro rods do produce sparks of up to 3000c - 

The adventure kit is generally suitable for kids 8years* and older with adult supervision, please note everyone's competency level varies, no matter their age, so please be mindful when buying any adventure kit for someone, these are not toys)

We recommend the use of suitable eye protection.


Includes 4 adventure skills to discover

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