Never Eat Shrivelled Worms - (unless you are really hungry!)

Find your way using a map and compass - discover how trees can point north. Learn which critters can show you the way to water and how to build a camp. Make a fire using nature’s resources and amaze your mates with your knowledge of the the great Outdoors.

Unleash the wild inside!



Before the time of the mobile phone, there was GPS. Before GPS there was the compass and before that, mankind used nature to navigate. So if you’d like to learn how to use actually use a compass to find your way, or why you should use lichen and not moss to tell your north from south in preparation for the day your tech fails you, then get your hands on a Navigator Kit, get outdoors and never need to ask for directions again.

Maps don’t have to be boring if there is a pot of gold or bag of marshmallows where X marks to the spot! The Navigator Kit has been carefully curated to provide some essential gear to help maximise your outdoor fun and learn some pretty cool skills. Once you’ve mastered which direction to go in, how about turning your hand to firecraft, shelter building and learning where to set up camp so you don’t wake up on an ants nest?

Accompanied by our Wild Kids info cards - a pack of postcard sized adventure cards that teach different outdoor skills!


Includes 8 adventure skills to discover

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