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Budding Bill Oddie or daring Davey Crockett, if you fancy yourself as a bit of bird buff or want to scout the trails for the enemy then here is a Wild Kit designed to stimulate the imagination.

Packed with adventures and things to try, our Ranger Adventure Kit comes with a great pair of compact 10 x 25 Powerview binoculars made by Bushnell. It makes an awesome outdoor gift for boys and girls aged 8 years upwards.

Get up close and personal with nature with this great pair of Bushnell binoculars and our Explorer Adventure Tin

Unleash the Wild inside!



The Ranger Adventure Kit contains some essential gear to help you start fires, tie knots and be able to tell which way is north, just from looking at trees! Take it with you on your next adventure and astound your friends with your outdoor skills!

Bushnell Binoculars are a trusted American brand with great heritage and quality optics- the perfect pocket size pair of Bins - the 10x25 lenses are ideal nature watching and brilliant for bird spotting. 

The Ranger Adventure kit comes with our 'Explorer' adventure tin; a pocket survival kit that contains a large fire steel, tinder pot, compass, magnifier, pencil and waterproof paper, paracord and a stick of fatwood - the ultimate fire starer.

Accompanied by our Wild Kids info cards - a pack of postcard sized adventure cards that teach different outdoor skills.

Bursting with ideas and challenges to get the family outdoors - the perfect outdoor gift for kids and their grown up's!



Includes 9 adventure skills to discover

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