Ranger Adventure Kit

Ranger Adventure Kit

Let your inner explorer roam free with our Ranger Adventure Kit! It includes a pair of high-quality Bushnell Powerview binoculars for observing nature up close, a tin filled with outdoor essentials like a compass, firesteel, and whistle, plus our famed ‘Adventure Cards’ to guide you along the way. This top-quality bag contains everything needed for thrilling outdoor escapades!

Free Wild Kids pad, and i-SPY book! (Limited time only)


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Unleash your inner explorer and embark on thrilling adventures with our extraordinary Ranger Adventure Kit! This remarkable kit is equipped with a pair of top-notch Bushnell Powerview binoculars and our Explorer Tin, neatly packed in a great quality shoulder bag, alongside a set of instructional cards.

Prepare to ignite fires, master knot-tying, and effortlessly determine the direction of north just by glancing at trees. The Ranger Adventure Kit has got you covered! Take it along on your next expedition and leave your friends in awe of your exceptional outdoor skills.

Indulge in the excellence of Bushnell Binoculars, a trusted American brand with a rich heritage and exceptional optics. These compact 10×25 lenses are perfect for immersing yourself in nature and spotting magnificent birds.

Included in the Ranger Adventure Kit is our ‘Explorer’ adventure tin, a pocket-sized survival kit that houses an array of essential tools, including a firesteel and tinders, a compass and whistle, paracord, pocket magnifier, pencil, and waterproof paper.

To enhance your outdoor knowledge we’ve included our renowned postcard sized ‘Adventure Cards’, that will teach you various outdoor skills, ensuring that every moment spent in the wild is both educational and exhilarating.

Overflowing with exciting ideas and challenges, this kit is the perfect gift for kids and their adventurous grown-ups. Encourage your family to embrace the great outdoors and create unforgettable memories together. The Ranger Adventure Kit is the ultimate companion for all your outdoor endeavours…and we’ve even thrown in a pack of Marshmallows for free!


  • Bushnell PowerView Binoculars 10×25
  • Wild Kids embroidered Green Haversack
  • Jute Pouch
  • Explorer Tin
  • Fresnel Lens – magnifier & firestarter
  • Tinder Tin – Full of Ramie; fluffy nettle fibre
  • Emergency Paracord – use to practice your knots (1m)
  • Split Ring – create a paracord keyring
  • Emergency Whistle
  • Fatwood – scrape it to create tinder!
  • Firesteel with Compass
  • Notepaper & mini pencil
  • Wild Kids Adventure Cards – learn skills, complete challenges!
  • Free bag of marshmallows (contains gelatin)
  • Includes 9 adventure skills to discover

    Nature’s Dangers Nature’s Dangers
    Fire Basics Fire Basics
    Knot Tying Knot Tying
    Wild Navigation Wild Navigation
    Tarp Shelters Tarp Shelters
    Signalling Signalling
    Firesteels Firesteels
    Tracking Tracking
    Compass Use Compass Use

    Explore More