Scouts Adventure Tin

Scouts Adventure Tin

Introducing the Scouts Adventure Tin by Wild Kids Company! This compact kit is designed to help Scouts take their outdoor experience to the next level.



Learn to light a fire without matches using the top-quality firesteel and included tinders — whether scraped from the stick of fatwood or teased out from the special paracord. Soon they’ll be able to get the campfire lit with only the magnifier and a little sunlight!

The kit also includes other essentials such as a card-sized tool, aluminium distress whistle, and extra-large button compass. And with a full set of engaging instructional cards, Scouts are sure to learn new skills and gain confidence in the great outdoors.

The Scouts Adventure Tin has everything needed to stay safe, have fun, and learn new skills. It’s the perfect pocket-sized companion for the Scouting adventure. So why wait? Get out there and start exploring!


  • Scouts Adventure Tin
  • Wood handled firesteel
  • Multifunctional card tool
  • Aluminium distress whistle
  • Survival paracord (contains tinder)
  • Fatwood – scrape it to create tinder!
  • Button compass
  • Fresnel Lens – magnifier & firestarter
  • Notepaper & mini pencil
  • Set of 8 adventure cards
  • Includes 5 adventure skills to discover

    Campfires Campfires
    Fire Basics Fire Basics
    Firesteels Firesteels
    Knot Tying Knot Tying
    Wild Navigation Wild Navigation

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