The great outdoors was always a very big part of our childhoods. We fondly remember our first camping trip, singing songs round the campfire, Grandad whittling with his penknife, starring at the sky looking for shooting stars and listening to the shriek of tawny owls somewhere close overhead.

Then suddenly we grew up and found ourselves too busy to enjoy the outdoors and struggling to inspire our kids to go on those same outdoor adventures. Now all kids hear is the familiar – “lets go for a walk” as the standard family outdoor activity…


Many of us have bite size windows of opportunity to be outside and a ‘walk’ tends to be the offering, which doesn’t always prompt a 12 yrs old to leave the exciting fast paced world of Minecraft…

So having spent over a quarter of a century working in the world of entertainment specialising in entertaining families and kids, we decided it was time to use our experience and contacts to solve a problem we have with our own kids; the necessity to stimulate imagination and create great reasons to get outside.

We found there is a lot out there for little kids, but what do you give a 10-18 years old that isn’t screen based or made of plastic? Something that will last them a few years (or maybe even a lifetime) and might just inspire them to connect with nature?

Tried, tested & tried again

We’ve been really thorough with our kit selection balancing quality with cost. We’ve tested a dozen firesteels, compared top brand binoculars, we’ve lit tinder all over the place, scavenged the woods for birch bark, King Alfred mushrooms, lichens and moss. We’ve made the kids whittle and chop, learn how to knot, build super dens, put up tents, tarps and hammocks – allowing for a lot more wine time for us grown ups than ever before!

We will continue to refine, improve and expand the kits and welcome any feedback and ideas you have to make them even more awesome.

Made to last, not for landfill

Our kits are meant to be kept. They are timeless gifts that we hope might even be passed down through the generations.

In our efforts to keep our carbon footprint as neutral as possible, we are investing in woodland regeneration - more trees means more O2!
We have our very own team of mini foragers that collect the lichen and silver birch bark from the forest floor - if you are really lucky you might even find a little critter or two in your kit. (Please pop them outside and don’t squash them!)

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