Den Adventure Kit

Den Adventure Kit

Embark on unforgettable outdoor escapades with our Den Adventure Kit. It includes all the essentials for building the ultimate woodland shelter, along with a tin filled with bushcraft tools, and our renowned ‘Adventure Cards’ to guide you in the art of campfire building and knot tying. It’s time to follow your sense of adventure and create lasting memories in the great outdoors!



Whats Inside the Kit?

The Den  –  You’ll get a lightweight Camo trap – 2.4m x 3m – It might be lightweight but ours has been up un damaged since xmas so it works. Just tie your knots properly and keep the tension up.

You’ll also receive 10 Tent pegs and some tarp lock adjusters – making it super easy to tension your lines.

20 meters of paracord gives yoo enough to make a number of shelters and have plenty spare. (colour varies)

The Bushcrafter Tin contains;;

  1. A Ferro rod; 80mm long by 8mm wide – (we found the smaller sound sized ‘scout’ rods didn’t really give you much to hod onto and the bigger the better especially when it comes to smaller hands)  – they come with with a pre drilled hole in the handle to allow you to make your own lanyard – The rods will create showers of hot sparks when scraped with the dedicated striker, that also has a measure and a bottle opener on it!  In order for the sparks to fly, you must scrape off the black coating on the rods first.
  2. 2 meters of 3mm paracord and keyring included (learn how to tie a ‘snake knot’ and create a cool key chain for your fire steel).
  3. Tinder – The Kit contains a piece of resin impregnated Fatwood which is brilliant for starting fires with your Ferro rod and tin of Char cloth to ignite!
  4. A fresnel lens – magnifying glass – fire starter and splinter inspector!
  5. 3 x waterproof sheets of paper and a pencil to note down your bearings (and play camp fire games)
  6. An ear piercing whistle – only to be used in emergencies if you really do get lost!
  7. Stormproof matches in the event you haven’t seen the storm heading in.
  8. A very Glowy UST glow in the dark compass.

You’ll also get our Wild Kit Natural Jute Bag to keep all your bits together in and our lovely Wild Kids Haversack to carry all your gear on your next adventure.

…and of course we’ll include our Wild Kids info cards  which will show you how to build all sorts of den’s, fires, tie knots and a whole heap of great skills to help you get your adventure under way.

Please note this kit is for outdoor use only and the Ferro rods do produce sparks of up to 3000c – so we advise adult supervision and recommend suitable eye protection.


Includes 11 adventure skills to discover

Compass Use Compass Use
Nature’s Dangers Nature’s Dangers
Fire Basics Fire Basics
Knot Tying Knot Tying
Wild Navigation Wild Navigation
Den building Den building
Tarp Shelters Tarp Shelters
Signalling Signalling
Firesteels Firesteels
Tinder Tinder
Tracking Tracking

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