November Almanac

Wild adventures to be had this month

Need some ideas for great outdoor adventures for the whole family? Check out these amazing November activities. Scroll on to get inspired!
  • That old chestnut...

    Sweet chestnuts are still out there for foraging... so long as the squirrels haven't had them all! They're delicious roasted, whether that's over an open fire, or simply in the kitchen oven. Don't forget to score them though, or they'll explode!

  • Autumn Ambles

    It may be a little damp and chilly out there, but it's a fantastic time of year to get outside. The woods are full of fungi, nuts and berries, plus they're exploding with colour. Just remember to take a torch as the dark may take you by surprise.

  • Leaf Craft

    Make the most of the gorgeous coloured fallen leaves by using them for craft projects. Check out this article from the Woodland Trust for inspiration of ways to get creative with your finds from the forest floor!

  • Smores

    S'mores are a campfire favourite, invented by US girl scouts in the 1920s. These biscuity sandwiches of molten marshmallows and chocolate will leave every one desperate for 'some more'. The perfect autumn treat!

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Wild Events

  • Leonid meteor shower

    One of the most spectacular annual meteor showers takes place this month, peaking early morning of the 18th, with great views expected.
  • Prime Mushroom Season

    November is a great month for spotting mushrooms, with forests and fields full of fungi. Explore the damp earth, join the hunt, and discover the wonders of mycology.

Competition - Autumnal Adventure

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